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Science has yet to discover the precise mechanism by which the individual learns.

4 Reasons Why Online Learning Is the Wave of the Future

Discover why online learning is becoming increasingly popular and what are some of the advantages of distance education that traditional education doesn't offer

4 Reasons Why Online Learning Is the Wave of the Future

We live in a world of opportunity, especially when we focus on education and online learning. We are very lucky to live in a world that is moving in the direction of learning and improvement. Online learning is the new wave, the wave of the future for these reasons:

1. Live and Interactive

According to Inc.com, Internet learning sessions are interactive. Most of the classes are broadcasted live or via videos, and allow the students to be able to ask questions and make comments. This makes for a real-life, interactive experience between students and professors. Whether it is through chat rooms, emails, phone calls, students are directly engaged in learning. Advances in Internet technology have allowed this to happen. For example, Facebook allows you to broadcast live to your friends, interacting with them in real time.

2. Popularity and Universality

The second reason that online learning will one day overtake the traditional college experience in popularity is the universal availability of courses. You may want to learn something about the music of the Beatles, for example, that only a professor in England would know. Instead of traveling all the way to the University of London to take his class, you would simply sign up for her course online. This whole experience opens the door to your being able to take a variety of courses concurrently. When one does not have to worry about limitations due to geographic location, a person living in Alaska can have the same educational experience as one living in Africa. Your classmates can live around the world, and have the same opportunity to sit under the same professors as you do.

3. Cost

Thirdly, pricing is an issue that keeps most people out of continuing their education. According to Inc.com, this barrier is removed through distance education. Indeed, the average cost of study at a traditional college has skyrocketed to over $30, 000 per year, which removes the possibility of career advance off the table for many working Americans. Many people pay between $600 to $1,000 each month for rent or mortgage! An online education is the answer to such expenses because it saves money for the teachers, who gladly pass on the savings to the students. The overall cost of running an online university is much cheaper than that of a brick and mortar institution. 

4. Flexibility

Fourthly, the flexibility factor will drive people to opt for online education in larger numbers. People over 40 have responsibilities such as spouses, children, and parents for whom they must care--not to mention jobs. Going to a brick and mortar institution is not within the realm of practicality. Something that gives people the flexibility to attend classes when they wish is definitely a plus for those people.

Why You Should Consider It

Think of being able to enjoy your spouse and family, not having to uproot your children to move to married housing on a traditional college campus. You will be able to further your career, or change it--from right where you are. You will save money that would otherwise have gone to moving expenses, and you will save yourself from having a fight with an angered spouse who does not want to leave her good job so you can pursue your dreams. With online education, you don't have to worry about any of the above.