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Science has yet to discover the precise mechanism by which the individual learns.

Distance Education For Those in the Journey of Learning

Distance education definition and explanation. Using strategies for learning in today's world. Atlantic International University - distance learning education

Distance Education – For Those Concentrated in the Journey of Learning

What is distance education?

Distance education… Being educated at a distance. Being in the comfort of your home and being able to learn. This social sensation is achievable through the magic wonders of the interconnectivity among us. Distance education is much more than that. It is the future and the motivation to become a better learner.

Distance education is not just opening up a laptop and going online to find the answer to a question. Learning online is establishing a schedule, maintaining self-focused goal and being able to find self-motivation for long periods of time, not just to find the answer to a question, but to find answers to research. Distance learning is about going deeper and establishing a norm of education. When one perfects this system he/she finds distance education in everyday life. The constant motivation that the individual carries to be able to complete a degree is the true meaning of distance education.

Why does this matter?

Breaking cultural, geographical and personal barriers is the true meaning of distance learning. The ability to know that studying through videos, research, essays, articles allows oneself to disregard the physical and internal barriers of a person. In a world of interconnectivity, people forget about the miracle of communications and constant feedback. There is a reason why it took us 2000 years to figure out how to effectively transform our communication systems. Even when we did not know about the possibility at the time.

What’s in it for me?

Distance learning is not only learning, it is about having the self-discipline and the motivation within us to find time in order to learn concepts online. Having a school schedule makes it easier for people to study. A student shows up to class, is given a lecture, is given a quiz, get a grade. One knows there are consequences if the he/she does not show up. Distance education requires a deeper understanding of what are the individual’s goals and expectations. It becomes making an appointment with ourselves to truly be successful in distance education. It is about prioritizing a busy schedule and having a commitment with ourselves in order to be successful. Showing up to learn is already winning half of the battle. Showing up is about committing ourselves to improvement and knowing that only we are responsible for our learning, nobody else. You can get a grade at the end of the day, but knowing and meeting face to face the intrinsic value of motivation and self-learning is the core of the reward. 

Understanding that the more you know the more there is to know. Through distance learning we find information and different perspectives. Because of the internet, we are able to search through thousands of viewpoints. The other alternative is to search through books, one by one, having to physically open up the pages and start reading with no search engine option. This option is also a good option if we wish to do so; however, the ability to have our minds understand concepts at a fraction of a second allows us to immerse ourselves in the most amazing journey called lifetime education, because it is not only completing a degree, it is the constant learning that is available that is waiting for our minds to grasp.

 We have the answers

What a gratifying effort it is to have completed an online class, program or degree. The understanding and commitment, self-discipline, and the future of our education lies within us. There are no excuses anymore as we have the answers on how to get the right answers. If we truly want to be educated, then open up your laptop, connect to the infinite world of possibilities. Welcome to the world of andragogy, the self-learner and the future of learning. I hope you have the passion, motivation and direction to guide your studies. I am sure that if you put in the effort, you will be successful. Click here if you want to uncover a new way of studying.