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Atlantic International University Blog

Science has yet to discover the precise mechanism by which the individual learns.

Personalized Education Based on each Student's Needs

Personalized education specialized for each individual based on their needs to reach their potential. Teacher-student relationship and student focused education

personalized educationPersonalized Education

I think you will agree with me when I say that education in today’s world is lacking. With so much information out there we are not producing the best students and many students are falling behind and not reaching their potential. One way to bring back education and really enjoy learning is through personalized education.

What does personalized education really mean?

Is it like some type of home school where you get to just study by yourself? Well, no… Personalized education is about learning for you and paving along the way a program where you will benefit and you will flourish. Personalized education is about finding what is the best way for the individual to learn. The idea of a personalized education is to give more meaning to the student, not the teacher. It is a way of learning that the student dictates his or her own way of learning through ways that students dictate.

Am I a bad student?

I was never a good test taker well, me either, but that does not mean that I was not a good student. I just did not excel at taking multiple choice or short answer tests. I would rather write a whole book on a specific topic than have to answer a 10 multiple choice test. Isn’t that crazy? Well, personalized education is just that. If the student does not feel comfortable explaining his or her mind on a multiple choice test, then the student needs a different form of learning.

Why do we insist on letting students take multiple choice tests if the student would rather explain the answer in an essay? Does the medium of education change the learning in the student? No. The answer is simple. At the end of the day it is more important to evaluate the students’ learning rather than force memorization and constant pressure.

What about the teachers?

The teacher is more of an aid, not a someone who has the sole authority over the student’s learning. They are helpers and they shape the student, not dictate how the student will learn.

For example, think of the workplace, do you always have someone there telling you what to do and how to do it? Not for long, really. The company would lose money if there is someone right next to you telling you what to do. Many times you just gotta ‘learn on the job’. You have to do whatever it takes to learn what you need to do. In a new job, training comes in many forms and many times it involves “on the job training”. Why? Well, because you need to find out how to perform and how to do your job and also because companies need you to be self-sufficient. A worker gets paid for working, right? A student should get educated by learning, get the picture?

Am I saying that students do not need teachers? No, all I am saying is that the way we teach today is not personalized education and for many people this educational system simply does not work. It is outdated. Education today is about teaching for tests, not teaching for students to learn. We put too much emphasis on the teacher, not the student.

Why does this matter? 

Have you seen the world in which we live in? Teaching in the United States is not about how students are going to learn. It is about how students are going to pass the test. Teaching is not about letting the student understand concepts, it is about drilling information in their brain. If only this worked like OSMOSIS! No, well, it does NOT work that way. Learning is an art form and personalized education is a way to learn. If only students were able to learn freely, then maybe we can have a world where education is regarded as one of the best professions.

Personalized education can be the answer to many educational problems we have in the world. It is a way to move forward in education and allow students to really learn and reach their potential. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone in the world could reach their potential?

Picture this: A world full of possibilities where students are reaching their own potential. This means that whatever they excel, they practice. Personalized education is all about reaching your potential and guiding the student in a way to break the paradigms of his or her own self. Our world would be very different.

This type of education is alive and booming. More and more people are realizing the importance of personalized education and giving people a chance to learn. Check out www.aiu.edu and you will be amazed at how non-traditional universities have answers for those of us who want to learn and reach our potential. Are you one of those people? I know I am! Click here for more information.